Santosham Awards Controversy: Allu Aravind Addresses the Situation

Allu Aravind: The recent controversy surrounding the Santosham Awards has drawn the attention of Allu Aravind, who offered his perspective during a press interaction in Goa. Suresh Kondeti, the organizer of the awards ceremony, found himself embroiled in accusations, with several news agencies suggesting a perceived bias towards the Megastar family as a public relations move. Kondeti vehemently denied acting as a PR representative for any familial interests and urged the media not to attribute the awards’ shortcomings to them.

Event Overview:

Suresh Kondeti, a prominent movie journalist, annually arranges the ‘Santosham Film Awards.’ This year, the awards ceremony took place in Goa on December 2, with the presence of Kannada film celebrities. However, reports surfaced indicating organizational lapses, prompting backlash from Kannada journalist Sharada Srinidhi.

Allegations of mistreatment towards Kannada stars, particularly during actor Ramesh Aravind’s stage appearance, further fueled the controversy and stirred resentment within the Kannada film community.

Allu Aravind’s Response:

Producer Allu Aravind, addressing the allegations, clarified that Kondeti organized the Goa event independently. He expressed regret over the challenges faced by attendees and disapproved of media outlets labeling individuals from his family as public relations representatives.

Aravind emphasized that such categorizations were incorrect and urged restraint in linking Kondeti’s failure to the broader Telugu industry or his family. He asserted that Kondeti’s actions were a personal failure and not indicative of any familial involvement.

Disassociating from PR Claims:

“Allu Aravind said, ‘He organized the awards function in Goa this time. For some reasons, he failed and could not do it. Those who went there were troubled. However, the media is writing people from our family as PRO. So I called our PRO and asked if he ever said that he is a PRO. Whenever you meet him for photos or any other occasion, it is not correct to call him as PRO. He did something individually. He failed.

Those of other languages ​​also faced difficulties. They are also criticizing the Telugu industry. It was a mistake made by one person. I am saddened to see people talking like this in the Telugu industry. It is not good to attribute what a person has done to someone else. He is not a PRO for anyone in our family. It is his personal failure. I request you not to bring it on the Telugu industry,’ ” he stated.

Suresh Kondeti’s Reputation:

Suresh Kondeti, a well-known figure in the Telugu industry, has faced controversies in the past. While his notoriety was previously confined to Tollywood, the recent events in Goa have led to widespread criticism from netizens, suggesting a potential dent in Tollywood’s reputation. The response from the film fraternity, particularly Tollywood stars, remains awaited as the industry navigates this challenging situation.

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